The World Famous Rambo Knives: The Ultimate Survival Knives

History of The Firstblood Rambo Knife:

The original Rambo, or Firstblood Knife, was created by Arkansas Knifemaker, Jimmy Lile and was actually used in the movie Firstblood, by Sylvester Stallone. The World Famous Rambo Knives gained mass attention and influenced knifesmiths all over the world. These knives were based on the Vietnam-era Survival knives that were carried by pilots. So in the case of an emergency, like if a plane went down, there was an emergency kit inside the handle. Included were fishing lures, needles, matches, fishing line and a small surgical knife.

In fact, John Rambo, used the needle and fishing line to sew up his arm in the movie. This knife was much larger from the aviators knife, but had basically the same characteristics of a survival knife.


In the second movie, the knife and sheath changed in color a little, but basically the same design.

The Design of the Knife:

The blade was stainless surgical steel and the majority of the blade was kind of sand-blast gray. This blade was not only razor sharp, but has a unique 13 teeth saw blade that would cut literally anything, even through a barbed-wire fence. It has a compass on the end, which was wrapped in nylon cord.

Rambo II Knife :


Both have hollow and a watertight screw on handles. On the inside of each knife are a small survival kit. It includes fishing line, needles, hooks, matches, and a small surgical knife. And I would say, if needed you could use the nylon cord wrap as well. The blade guard at the base of the first Rambo knife, would turn into a phillips head and flathead screwdriver.

The first knife was also designed to mount a stick, or gig, to the knife to make a spear. Enabling you for almost any survival situation. The sheath has a string attached to tie it securely around your leg. Both are surely World Famous Rambo Knives.

Rambo III Knife:

The Rambo lll Survival Knife was actually a bit different from the first two knives. Things seemed to change a little. Stallone could not reach an agreement with Mr. Lile, as Stallone is an adamant knife collector himself. This knife was designed by Gill Hibbon, and was used in the 1988 Rambo III Movie. It was more along the lines of a fantasy knife, But ended up actually more popular than the previous two, simply because of its unique and elaborate design.



In the movie, John Rambo was first seen with the knife as Hamid questions him as to where he got it. Hamid wanted the knife and Rambo declined, but the knife was later used in a mine field sequence, where Rambo uses it to check for live mines. Rambo is seen using the knife, later on in the movie, to throw and stab people. He tried to kill Kourov with it, but he kicked it away, never to be seen again, until almost 30 years later, when he had to rescue some Christian missionaries. By the way, Rambo kept the sheath to his knife, and would later form it to carry his machete in the next film.

Now he also utilized a boot dagger in Rambo II and Rambo III.

Rambo IV Machete:

In this 2008 film, Rambo uses a machete. Totally different from the previous survival knives. This weapon was a lot larger and thicker. In this movie, Rambo forged this machete his self. It was designed by Gill Hibbon and produced by United Cutlery. The machete was 18 inches long and 1/4 inch thick and made from high-carbon D2 steel.

There were three versions of this machete. The Hibbon machete was made of D2 high carbon steel. The Master Cutlery replica used genuine leather for the handle, where as the others used electrical tape. This machete was made from 1060 carbon steel and United Cutlery used 1090 carbon steel. Some of these replicas can be quite expensive. But of course there are a lot of knock offs out there.

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