The Original Rambo Knives: By Famous Designer Jimmy Lile

The Best Survival Knives: Jimmy Lile (1933-1991) was a famous knife designer from the great state of Arkansas. He was responsible for creating the survival knives for the movies First Blood and Rambo: First Blood Part Two. The Famous Rambo Knives inspired knife makers all over the world.

The First Blood Rambo Knives:

The Rambo movies Has made Lile knives very famous all over the world. And let me tell you, that makes HUGH demands and they are expensive. For instance, if I bought one, I sure as hell wouldn’t use it.

Back when Lile was approached concerning designing the Rambo Knife, he was told not to make it for a prop, but to design a real life working survival knife that could perform certain tasks within the movie. Lile made a clip point designed knife that could cut through almost anything and prepare food while maintaining an incredible edge.

He created a waterproof hollow handle that could hold matches, fishing line, hooks, needles, thread, and a compass. The hollow handle was made for attaching to a pole for making a spear or gig. The handle was made of nylon line that could be used for fishing, and among other things.

The blades spine was serrated. Lile forged the blade of 440C high- carbon steel, which would cut through fuselage of an aircraft. These such knives were created in 1982 for the First Blood and Rambo movies.




Well I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. These series of knives are a bit expensive, but if you can purchase one, you will not regret it. Although, Jimmy Lile is no longer with us, his legend will live on forever.


Kenneth Runnels

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