Proelia – The Ultimate Tactical Knife

What is the Best Tactical Knife?

Well folks, to answer that question, I would have to say it’s the Proelia Series. Founded in 2013 by Sam Sung, and manufactured by Top Quest Inc. Proelia knives are made from D2 steel and are very durable. These knives open by 18 ball bearing KVT system, which makes it a very smooth operator, and have very comfortable ergonomic G10 handles. Which, in my opinion, makes Proelia the ultimate tactical knife. Prices start at around $83:

A little about the manufacturer:     

They purchase their handles in China, the blade in Taiwan, and are made in the U.S.A. D2 steel is one of the best steels in the world today. It is high carbon, high chrome tool steel, which is used in some tool and die shops. This air-hardened steel has the ability to have a razor sharp edge, and keeps it very well.

Basic features include:

In addition to their KTV ball bearing system, which let me add that these knives are not assisted opening. With the ball bearing system, they do not have to be. Each knife comes with a very nice nylon vertical-horizontal sheath, adjustment tool, and even an extra pocket clip, all included in their very nice packaging box.

They use a 5 step heat treatment system, which provide extra hardness as well as durability. Each knife has a liner lock and is put through a carbidizing system that hardens the edge before they are assembled.

The handle is wrapped in 3-D machined G10. It is lightweight and very tough. G10 has excellent dielectric loss properties, and great electrical strength.

Proelia knives are very easy to maintain, and adjustment handle tool are included. They have a limited lifetime warranty.

Proelia: A New Brand

Having been around since 2013, Proelia is a relatively new brand. Some would say they are much like Kizer Knives, and there is nothing wrong with that. Let me say don’t let the China tag fool you. If you can get over that you have a top of the line knife. They are available in tanto and drop point styles. Here are some examples:

Folks, I just can’t say enough about these knives, because I own one myself. Simply put, Proelia is about the best tactical pocket knife you can have. You can not go wrong with these knives. In my opinion, Proelia is The Ultimate Tactical Knife. Let me know what you think, just leave a comment down below.

Thanks All and God Bless,

Kenneth Runnels,



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