My Top 10 Picks for Some of The Best Hunting Knives

The Best Hunting Knives:

Hello, I want to talk a little about finding some of the best hunting knives for all the hunters out there. Some hunters still like the old fashion “carbon steel hunting knives“. If your don’t know what carbon steel is, let me elaborate a little,. To the best of my knowledge, carbon steel was what everyone used before stainless steel was developed. This type of steel would eventually turn to kind of dark steel over a period. And like I said some people still prefer carbon steel, one reason is that it tends to keep a sharper blade edge than stainless. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with stainless steel. It is widely used as well. So let’s get to it. here are some of my top 10 best hunting knives: Including an illustration:

  1. Buck Hunting Knife 124
  2. Buck Knives 0119 Hunting Knife   
  3. Ka-bar Hunting knife
  4. Cold Steel Hunting Knives
  5. Gerber Hunting Knives                            
  6. Havalon Piranta Z
  7. Strong Arm Fixed Blade
  8. ESEE Knives LSP
  9. Benchmade – Hidden Canyon
  10. ESEE 5P Black Hunting Knife

Buck Hunting Knife 124 :

This knife is 6 1/4 inches long, and as expected, has a razor sharp edge with a leather sheath. It was made using 420 HC stainless steel for outstanding strength and durability.

Buck Knives 0119 Hunting Knife :

This is another Buck Knife that is sure to please any hunter or outdoorsman. The 119 delivers everything you would expect from The Great Buck Knife Company.

Ka-bar 1237 USA Hunting Knife :

Now this is a classic design of a hunting knife, and folks let me tell you, no one delivers like Ka-bar.

2015 COLD STEEL san mai knives SRK VG 1 :

If you are looking for a knife you can depend on try out the SRK Series from Cold Steel.

Gerber Hunting Knives – Alan Gerber Hunting Knife :


This is another one that is dependable and retains a razor sharp edge. You simply, can’t go wrong with a Gerber.

Havalon Piranta Z :

Now Havalon Piranta Z is more like a skinning knife, but don’t let the size fool you. Excellent choice!!

Strong Arm Fixed Blade :

Yes folks, it’s another Gerber Hunting Knife, I mean the name could speak for itself. They have been around a very long time. Try one out!

ESEE Knives LSP :


Folks, this is a high tier knife called the Laser Strike. It has a canvas micarta handle, and it is also very durable.

Benchmade – Hidden Canyon :

In my opinion, this is a classic example of a skinning knife!

ESEE 5P Black Hunting Knife :


And last, but not the least, is another ESEE hunting knife. This is a tactical style knife and comes with a kydex style sheath.



These particular knives are some of the best knives, in my opinion, on the market for 2019. I would appreciate any comments your may have, just leave them below, because I value your feedback.

Thanks, God Bless,

Kenneth Runnels,


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