Case XX Pocket Knives: WR Case & Sons:

WR Case & Sons:

WR Case & Sons Cutlery Company is an American manufacturing company that is well-known for making Case XX pocket knives, fixed blades, kitchen knives and limited edition collectible knives. This company started in Little Valley New York, about the turn of the 20th century, before moving to its current home of Bradford, Pennsylvania, in 1905. Under the name first was William Russell Case.” Case Brothers Cutlery Company“. His son, John Russell Case, was a salesman for his father’s company, before he founded WR Case & Sons.

The History of WR Case & Sons:  

This Company goes way back to 1889, when the Case brothers William Russell, Jean, John, and Andrew Case, formerly of the Cutlery Company, were selling their knives out of the back of a wagon in small New York villages. In January 1900, the brothers formed, what was known as the Case Brothers Cutlery Company.

John Russell named the company after his father William Russell Case, which is now known as WR Case & Sons. By the time the company moved to Pennsylvania in 1905, the four Case Brothers had established their brands. The companies original factory in Little Valley New York, burned down in 1912.

In the beginning, from World War 1, Case was making military knives for the U.S. secret service men and women including the M3 Fighter Knife, and the V-42 Stiletto. In the 1965 flight of Molly Brown, astronauts used special Case Knives in a NASA space mission.

The Case Company is now owned by Zippo Manufacturing Company, another business in Bradford.

Case knives today are made using some of these materials, mother-of-pearl, exotic hardwoods, and precious stones.

Many people today collect these pocket knives as a hobby. This started from the unique tang stamps dating systems by the company in the late 1900s. Today The Case Collectors Club is made up of 18,000 members.

Case Licensed Knives:

Case has made knives for American icons like Elvis Presley Enterprises, the Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Boy Scouts of America, John Deere, Ducks Unlimited, National Wild Turkey Federation, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., John Wayne, and Johnny Cash just to name a few.

Case Knife Patterns:

Throughout Case history, they have been consistent with their famous knife patterns. Some of these include : The Slim Lock, Baby Doc, Trapper, Baby Trapper, Tribal Lock, Copper Lock, Russ Lock and then some. Here are some random illustrations:




Copper Lock 

In 1997 Case presented the Copper Lock. Designed by Tom Hart This pattern was combined of some older knife patterns, to make a better knife with a locking blade. The Copper Lock was retired to the Case XX Vault in 2008.

The Slim Lock  

The Slim Lock was introduced in 2005, as a tribute to John Russell Case. Each knife has a”JRC” tang stamp and liner locks. The first BG-42 blades. And in 2006, Case produced some Damascus blades.

The Cheetah




This is a single blade knife that has a swing guard. But it has been produced with or without a swing guard. And the same goes for the locking mechanism. Some of these knives are stamped with an “L”, after the pattern number, which says that the blade locks in 2002.


The Russ Lock




The Russ Lock came in 2000. This pattern has a liner lock and a lever, which was designed for easy opening. The Russ Lock was designed after The Jack knife, which has been retired for over 40 years. It was designed by the late Tommy Hart, who named it after William Russell Case, which honored the year he died.

This concludes this little article. I just wanted to give you a little information on these highly collected WR Case & Sons pocket knives. I hope you found this helpful, and don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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